Tanzeem Choudhury

CISE Advisor

Dr. Choudhury is an associate professor of Information Science at Cornell University. She directs the People Aware Computing group, which develops mobile sensing systems for understanding life patterns of individuals, groups, and societies. She is also a co-founder of HealthRhythms that aims to bring novel technological solutions to facilitate mental wellbeing. More about Dr. Choudhury.


Vasant Honavar

CISE Advisor

Dr. Honavar is a professor and Edward Frymoyer Chair of Information Science and Technology at Pennsylvania State University. He is also the founding Director of the Center for Big Data Analytics and Discovery Informatics and Associate Director of the Institute for Cyberscience. More about Dr. Honavar.


David Kotz

CISE Advisor

Dr. Kotz is the Champion International Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Dartmouth College. His research interests include security and privacy, pervasive computing for healthcare, and wireless networks. Find out more about Dr. Kotz.


Brian Bot

Health Advisor

Mr. Bot is a Principal Scientist at Sage Bionetworks in Seattle, Washington. His current work involves both doing innovative research in computational oncology as well as serving as a bridge between biomedical researchers and technology development. Find out more about Mr. Bot.


Nick Anderson

Health Advisor

Dr. Anderson is director of informatics research and Robert D. Cardiff Professor of Informatics at the University of California, Davis. Dr. Anderson's research is into the effective uses of biomedical data, information and knowledge for scientific inquiry, problem solving and decision making. More about Dr. Anderson.


Joe Corkery

Industry Advisor

Dr. Corkery, who has an MD degree, is Product Management Lead for the healthcare and life sciences market for Google Cloud. Prior to Google, he worked in the area of computational drug discovery. More about Dr. Corkery.


Mad Price Ball


Dr. Ball is Director of Research at the Open Humans Foundation and co-founder of Open Humans. Her research aims to help connect people and their data to research studies. At Open Humans, she is the principal investigator on the non-profit's Public Data Sharing study. Find out more about Dr. Ball.


Gary Wolf


Mr. Wolf is co-fonder of The Quantified Self, a global collaboration among users and makers of self-tracking tools exploring “self-knowledge through numbers.” Wolf is also a contributing editor at Wired magazine and the author of three books. More about Mr. Wolf.